Solar Furnances VS Satellite Dishes

Solar Furnace

How solar furnaces work

Solar furnaces utilize the suns rays towards the goal of producing hig amounts of heat. This is achieved by having a concave mirror or large group of mirrors to act as a Parapolic reflector to concentrate the light to a singlular point.this technique of light focus is called isolation. The temperature at the focal point can reach up
to 3,000 degrees Celsius.
external image solar-furnace.jpg
Ray Diagram


Uses of a solar furnace

Solar Furnaces have many uses such as use in temperature reasearch due to the fact that the heat is a very clean and pollutant free heat. Another few applications of a solar furnace would be the production and usage of Hydrogen Fuel,utilizing the furnace as a foundry and melting down matierials, and finally, the testing of matierials that require a high temperatures

Affects of solar furnaces on society and nature

The Solar furnace has allowed us to gain both a better grasp on the sun, but also how to use its power for our own purposes, such as energy. We also now have a way to burn metals without using very potiential pollutants that may come from traditional foundries. the solar energy gleamed from the sun is clean, powerful, and beneficial to the enviornment

Video of Solar Furnace

This video is of an easy DIY solar furnace that works the same way as an industrial one, and it is made from a satellite dish that we will mention later

Satellite dishes

How satellite dishes works

The Satellite has a very similar shape to a Solar Furnace, with a large parabolic shape behind a focal point. Yet in this instance, the satellite dish is reflecting radio waves into the focal point or "Feeder Horn" .there are two different dishes, the recieving dish, and the transmitter. Both dishes can not do both task; the recieving horn collects info through thier feeder horn, and a transmitter sends radio waves through the feeder horn.

external image satellite-tv-7.jpgTransmitter
external image satellite-tv-6.jpgReceiver

Use of satellite dishes

The satellite dishes are used in suburban homes as an alternative to cable televison. The dishes pick up T.V signals from satellites in orbit around earth, and this is then brought to your television in your home.

Affects of Satellite dishes on society and Nature

The satellite dishes are a way that we have discovered to transmit imformation to the masses of people easily and cleanly. the satellite dish is a very effcient way to transmit televison signals to specific housing units. The satellite dish is better for the enviornment than cabling as it is not required for it to be


The Solar furnace utilizes solar radiation in order to achieve its goal of heating, while a satellite dish collects satellite signals. They both are designed the same way, with a parabolic mirrored surface that reflects the light or radio waves into a focal point.


Parabolic Reflector: This is a curved surface that reflects light or sound waves inward.

Isolation: When a single point is where light is directed to, causing intense heat to build up fairly quickly.

Feeder Horn: The point that a satellite either emits or recieves radio waves.