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The Invention Of The SLR Camera

The first photograph was taken by Joseph Nicephore on a summer day in 1827 with a camera obscura and invention that let dye layers together to create an apparent colour image. With this invention also came flexible roll film which is still used topeople bend light to create images.(was only used before for tracing and other drawing methods). These photographs or sun prints as they were know literately le somt the light draw the picture. This was very time consuming as it took hours for the image to be created and aftere time it faded. It is not until the early 1940s, commercially viable colour films were invented. These films used the modern technology of dye-coupled colours in which a chemical process connects the threeday in some cases. In current photography most camera's are digital and don't require any film as the images are placed directly on to a memory card and instantly ready for viewing,0 Something that Joseph Nicephore could never of imagined.

How It Works

The Single lens Reflex Camera or SLR has a rather simple functionality. It uses a single lens that is in front of a mirror that reflects the light or image into a pentaprism and out to a eye piece. because of the simplicity of the inner workings the image that is shown in the eye piece is exactly what the lens can see. When taking a picture you press the shutter which is usually a button on the top rapidly moves the mirror out of the way and lets the cameras digital recorder capture the image on the film that is located right behind the mirrof the camera and this very or.



SLR Benefits

There are many benefits to using a SLR camera over a disposable camera. The SLR camera is very easy to use with its point and shoot ability, meaning very low operating skills needed. The SLR camera's are now equipped with a memory device allowing hundreds of pictures to be taken before processing instead of 24. You also get what you pay for a SLR camera can cost from 50$ to 3000$ roughly and a disposable camera is a few dollars. SLR camera's also have a greater magnification and can change it with a zoom feature. It is worth the money as it preserves memorable moments with high quality and minimal effort.


SLR camera's effect on society

The SLR has had many positive effects on society and the growth of peoples understanding of the world. The camera has opened many peoples eyes to what is going on around the world as they can now see it even if they were not witness to the event. SLR camera's have also helped people capture memorable moments and let them relive them for the rest of their lives. Old pictures can also help educate people now on what life use to be like or how a certain place once looked. In relation to the earth people can now see things from the other side of the planet that otherwise they would not have known it existed and can bond one with nature through stilled images of its beauty. The creation of the single lens camera has also helped form the base for the creation of moving pictures or movies.It has improved people greatly through its ability to unite people through images.


This is a SLR camera simulator,this simulator show what it is like to use a SLR camera.

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