The human blind spot is located around the retna where the optic nerve leads back in to the brain. The blind spots in each eye are symmetrically aligned so the the loss in one eye can be compensated by the other eye. In the blind spot since there are no cells to find light on the optic disc, a part of the field of vision is not precieved.illustration-blind-spot.gif
The eye sends back signals to the brain that help humans navigate through the world pretty well. Many assume that what the see is really what is out there. But that is not entirely true. Since each eye has a blind spot the eye has to sometimes fill in what is there by looking at the surrounded area of the object. If the blind spots overlap while looking at a certain object or only one eye is looking at the object again it will fill in that spot by analizing the entire space.

Blind Spot Test

This is a test to 'see' if you can find your very own blind spot. This is called your Lacuna!


A blind spot in a vehicle is an area around the vehicle in which the driver cannot see when at the controls. Blind spots occur in many different vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorboats and aircrafts. There are three modes of transportation that don't have blind spots which are bicycles, motorcycles and horses.

As you can see, there are two large blind spots at each side of the vehicle but there are three mirrors in and on the vehicle that is the normal view coverage.

How to Avoid Blind Spots

Avoiding blind spots isn't easy but you can make a shoulder check by looking back towards your blind spot. This will ensure you to be a safer driver in this society. Also make sure that you are regularly checking your mirrors.

The differences between Human and Vehicle Blind Spots

A difference between human and vehicle blind spots is that you do not have to check you blind spots in human blind spots because the other side/eye sees what that eye is missing.